Here is an overview of what you need to look for when shopping for steel shipping containers. Choosing a new or used container can sometimes be confusing. Everyone uses their own industry terms for metal shipping containers for sale and without prior knowledge, it can be overwhelming. Here is a short guide to make it easier to find steel shipping containers for sale. Intercube Containers only deals with quality cargo containers.

There are two types of containers for sale: the standard ocean cargo and the domestic shipping cargo containers.

steel shipping containers for sale

Ocean cargo containers are used for shipping goods overseas and domestically. These metal containers for sale are generally made from COR-TEN steel, which is often preferred because of its high quality and it’s preferred on every component of the container. Steel shipping containers for sale come in two standard sizes, 20 and 40 feet long.

Domestic shipping containers are used within the United States only, made from steel or aluminum and are usually 45, 48 or 53 feet in length. Container sizes are standardized, but they age differently. There isn’t a grading system for metal shipping containers that are for sale, but there is a universal language for their descriptions:

  • One trip new (a container manufactured in China and shipped to the United States)
  • cargo-worthy (no longer considered new, but still certified to ship goods, verified wind and water tight)
  • wind and water tight (still cargo worthy, a qualified surveyor has not inspected it for verification)
  • as is (may have leaks or could be damaged)

Steel Storage Containers For Sale

Here are some things to look for when examining a storage container:

You first want to make sure it’s at least wind and water tight. Put yourself inside the storage containers and look for daylight. Check any rust areas and make sure it’s only surface. Inspect the doors to ensure they open and close completely, make sure the seals are intact and the floors are sturdy with no soft spots. Make sure there aren’t any major dents in the sides or on the roof. And make sure there are no foul odors of evidence of contamination.

Intercube Containers is determined to make sure you get the right new or used container to meet all of your needs. We always inspect all containers before selling them.