Intercube Containers are now available nationwide!

We are now available nationwide.

We excel at what we do and we provide a quality service a very reasonable price! Intercube Employees are dedicated to getting the job done correctly, on time and within budget.

Intercube’s primary focus is providing shipping and storage containers to businesses & individuals, no one is too big or too small to enjoy the services that we offer! Our shipping containers, storage containers and trailers come brand new directly from the manufacturer or from international and intermodal shipping services. There are no short cuts taken, we make sure that all our equipment meets the standards that Intercube holds itself on. Safety and security is one of our largest priorities! Our containers are built to last and also allow entry through ground level, they are available in 20 and 40 feet sizes.

Our skilled shop personnel will modify your container to its requirements making sure you get the best possible service allowed. Availability throughout the United States. Request a free quote today.